How does a garage door operator work?

rfwireles | 28 Мај, 2018 11:22

Motorized garage doors offer obvious comfort for the user. No more efforts to raise or lower the door leaf. Thanks to the electric system, guided by a remote control, you no longer need to get out of your car to open or close the door. Do you want to install one? Here's how it works.

remote control dc motor 

The different engines

Whether it is a motorized up-and-over door, an electric sliding door or a sectional door, there are four types of motorized operation: - The arm operator.

The rack and pinion drive, which works with a rail that supports the motor.

The axial tubular motorization, which works with an axis on which the motor is fixed. Finally, the most common belt drive, which is explained here.

How it works

Some motorized doors are operated by a belt system, which is wound around a small toothed disk that is attached to the motor pivot. The sliding of the deck, is done thanks to the motor which is fixed at one of the ends of the rail. The guide carriage is fixed to the rail and drives the door leaf up or down when the motor is started. A stop fixed to the bottom of the curtain will block it at the end of the stroke. All the elements are connected by cable to a general electrical circuit. It must be equipped with a safety earth connection. The electric wires are connected to the corresponding terminals, then thanks to the torque adjustment, the door leaf motor operates normally, using the long range radio control system that must be programmed, to open or close the gate electrically.

Practical and useful advice

The garage door operator is also equipped with a lighting system. The electrical installation can be carried out on non-motorized roller shutters, by adapting a shutter motor. The control of the shutter mechanism can be done by remote control, or by means of a switch, which controls the rise or fall of the shutter. Do not hesitate to compare prices, models, to find the one that suits you, but above all, to choose a quality door, equipped with a very secure and reliable electrical system. 


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